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Our mission is to deliver better products, faster. We embrace the unconventional and bring creativity to every single state of the product development cycle.



We help our clients re-imagine possibilities through feasibility and ROI studies.



We bring ideas to life through design, engineering, and prototype fabrication.


We give clients a faster route to market with low volume production services.


We are a vertically integrated design and engineering team with diverse skills and experience, resulting in far fewer iterations.

Systems Engineering

  • Complete system architectures

  • Red team design reviews for clients and external teams

  • System level & component trade studies

  • System modelling & simulation

  • Technical specification creation

  • Product development road maps

Mechanical Design & Engineering

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) & analysis

  • Kinematics design for mechanisms

  • Hydraulic & pneumatic system design

  • Thermal systems design

  • System level design

  • Complex electro-mechanical system reverse engineering

  • CAD & simulation tools (Solidworks Suite, Mathworks Suite, CATIA, Altair, SpaceClaim)

Electrical Design & Engineering

  • Complex custom-designed control hardware

  • Wiring harness schematics, design, & build

  • Low & high voltage power distribution design

  • Power electronics development

  • Custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design & assembly

Software Design & Engineering

  • Custom mobile applications

  • Web apps & backends

  • Websites

  • Hardware & software integration

  • Bluetooth enabled devices

Prototyping, Fabrication & Assembly

  • 3D printing (FDM, SLS, SLA, metal)

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Metal fabrication (welding, machining, CNC, sheet metal)

  • Electrical harness assembly

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly

  • Composite manufacturing (carbon fiber, thermal plastics, injection molding)

  • Tooling & Facilities (surface plates, lifts, oversize item accessible)

Low Volume Production

  • Rapid production spool-up

  • High mix, low volume capabilities

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) optimization

  • Process optimization for transition to high volume

  • Quality inspection design/drawings

  • Supply chain optimization

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Versatile Floor Plan

Motivo offers a reconfigurable floor plan that can handle projects of all sizes! With mobile & modular equipment at our 35,000 sq ft facility, we can build temporary walls to ensure your IP is always protected. For your extra-large projects, additional space can be also be leased at affordable rates.

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