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Meat Processing Automation

Making the “impossible” possible

A major vertically-integrated poultry producer on the West Coast, Motivo’s client suffers from limitations to the growth of its business due to rising costs, high employee turnover, and the labor-intensive type of work required.


Poultry is primarily processed with manual labor due to the poultry’s organic and varying shape. These manual tasks can be dangerous and are labor intensive. Motivo’s client wanted to explore how to reduce labor costs in their existing factories by selectively implementing automation, especially in processes unable to be automated by traditional integrators.


Motivo explored what a revamped solution would look like through inspection and product route mapping in the existing facility. After the initial discovery effort, Motivo saw that there was still room for additional improvements by adding custom solutions such as machine vision to catch produce defects. By merging existing OEM solutions with custom automated solutions, Motivo was able to propose an automated solution that didn’t require total factory shut down to install.


Motivo was able to demonstrate a fully functioning proof of concept to solve what was considered an “impossible” automation dilemma. Motivo’s approach combined traditional integrators with custom point solutions and included an implementation strategy for the client’s facility that minimized downtime. 

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