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Autonomous Vehicles

Motivo has developed and integrated multiple autonomous vehicle platforms

Leading automotive brand working towards fully autonomous production vehicles by 2020.


While Motivo has supported numerous customers in the development and integration of autonomous vehicle systems, this case study explores one project focused on sensor and compute system integration. The objective was to convert our client’s stock production vehicle to a fully integrated autonomous driving vehicle, as quickly as possible.


Motivo thrives on complex electrical-mechanical design and build projects, especially when success depends on an accelerated delivery timeline. The challenge was how to integrate hundreds of unique components and miles of electrical wiring using only partial documentation and verbal instruction from the client to fill in the gaps. Motivo also supported unexpected design improvements while maintaining the original budget and lead time.


After an initial on-site kickoff with the client, Motivo quickly dismantled the vehicle exposing the stock wiring harness and vehicle control systems. In addition, the stock windshield was replaced to accommodate precision optical sensor systems and the stock steering system was replaced with a more powerful drive-by-wire ready system. Other sensors common with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) were then installed, some requiring custom designed bracketry and others requiring modifications to the vehicle body. The trunk of the vehicle was then fitted with a custom rack used to mount data processing hardware, power supplies, relays, switches and other componentry serving as the conceptual brain of the autonomous driving system. The vehicle was wired to connect components, sensors and existing vehicle systems serving as the communication and power conduits of the system. Finally, the vehicle was reassembled, tested, and delivered.


Looking at the vehicle with an untrained eye, you don’t notice the many hours of effort put into the vehicle and the underlying technology developed by our client and integrated by Motivo. This allows all of the focus to be on the vehicle driving without a person behind the wheel, and not the added hardware.

Time to Completion: 3 weeks.

**Note: Images are representative of existing Motivo projects; due to confidentiality, actual project images cannot be shown at this time.

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