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Motivo Acquires AgTech Company Robodondo

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Motivo is pleased to announce the acquisition of Robodondo! Food production is critical to a prosperous society, and we’re working with the industry to develop new AgTech that will ensure a safe and efficiently produced food supply for us all. Motivo is a California based product engineering and design firm, with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area. Motivo accelerates the development of ideas and concepts into market ready products in the mobility, energy, connected health and agriculture sectors. Motivo’s clients range from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies with products as diverse as wearables to autonomous cars, robots, drones and flying cars.

Motivo, founded in 2010, was inspired by the philosophy adopted by race car engineering teams that often work on custom cars end to end. Motivo innovates by having complete vertically integrated teams that are able to deliver on challenging projects at break-neck speed. Each team is carefully staffed with highly skilled designers, robotics experts, electrical, mechanical and software engineers, as well as workshop technicians. The team’s combined years of experience working with diverse automotive and robotic companies enables them to solve complex problems in extremely short time frames.

Robodondo is a concept engineering firm focused on automation solutions for food manufacturing. Their food processing expertise & automation concepts have generated considerable interest in the global food industry that is currently facing serious labor scarcity and cost concerns. The acquisition of Robodondo will enhance Motivo’s unique ability to accelerate the design, development, and manufacturing of complex robotic and automation solutions. Robodondo’s AgTech market expertise combined with Motivo’s engineering capabilities will result in rapid development of solutions for clients in the agriculture and food processing sector.

“Motivo has specialized in building robust production-ready solutions in accelerated time frames using cross-disciplinary design and engineering processes. We are continuing to build on our success with an increasing number of projects for clients in AgTech. The acquisition of Robodondo helps us strengthen our presence in the agriculture and food processing industry,” said Motivo founder and CEO Praveen Penmetsa.

“I started Robodondo to help overcome the current food production and processing challenges through the application of robotic automation. Motivo’s demonstrated success in implementing these technologies for autonomous cars, robots and drones excited me about joining Motivo and offering these solutions to the food industry,” said Chris Laudando, founder of Robodondo, who will join Motivo as Head of Strategic Partnerships.


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