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Motivo Commissions New Robotics Lab

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Motivo Engineering hosted an open house to mark the commissioning of our new robotics lab at our Los Angeles headquarters. The lab positions Motivo at the forefront of robotics and robotics integration with artificial intelligence, latest in sensor technologies and custom electro-mechanical systems.

The open house event hosted nearly 100 influential & leading minds from big industry, silicon valley investors, startups, higher education, government, and media. The centerpiece of the event was our brand new robotics lab, outfitted with some of the latest technologies that are enabling the development of previously impossible systems.

On display were multiple collaborative and clean room robot demonstrations, leading edge machine vision systems and complex Motivo developed neural networks making subjective process decisions typically reserved for humans.

We also showcased advanced aerospace propulsion technologies developed by Motivo for human-rated autonomous, electric powered flight. We shared autonomous mobility systems utilizing an array of sensor technologies that can be fitted to semi-trucks, tractors, drones, and ships to finally usher in the futuristic world we were promised in our childhood.

Our visitors shared their challenges and ambitions with a breadth of Motivo personnel; as an example, product managers and engineers of varying disciplines pondering and imagining solutions to industry threatening labor shortages for our AgTech client.

The diverse technologies, clients and the mix of private-public organizations created an ideal environment for sharing ideas and it was wonderful to see the aerospace clients being enamored with AgTech robots and farmers discussing autonomous drone delivery.

The open house provided a glimpse of future possibilities for Motivo and the many audacious visionaries in attendance. We are excited for the impact this lab will have on business and society, and for the innovation that will be sparked here.

Reach out to us to learn more about the Robot lab and the various collaboration opportunities!


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