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Fast Company honors Monarch Tractor 3x! Best World Changing Ideas: North America, Energy And Food

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Congratulations are in order for our friends over at Monarch Tractor! In a little over four months, they have made amazing strides in the Agtech field. Visit their website to find out exactly what they have been working on, how they are being recognized, and the global impact they are having. More great news to come!

Motivo Engineering is an innovation engineering firm headquartered in California, USA and has executed numerous projects in mobility, aerospace and AgTech. Motivo’s unique innovation framework and phased product development approach has reduced the risk in transformative product development for audacious visionaries. Motivo projects range from innovation and intellectual property development to low volume manufacturing of these transformative products. Several Motivo clients are now leveraging these technology solutions for additional future revenue through licensing or by selling these unique products.

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