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  • Praveen Penmetsa

A Message From the CEO

Updated: May 21, 2020

To: The Team

cc: Clients, Partners, & Vendors

From: Praveen Penmetsa

Re: The Motivo plan for staying safe while moving forward during COVID-19

Thank you again for the massive team effort in this challenging time. Motivo values its team members above all else. During these extraordinary times these core values will be challenged like no other time in our ten-year history. This situation is forcing thousands of businesses into difficult decisions such as layoffs, pay cuts, and closures, in order to stay viable. The Motivo business was built on and operates under fiscally conservative principles.

Our approach is based on the following priorities:

  1. Team health

  2. Team retention

  3. Maximizing our capabilities as a distributed workforce

We have existing tools in place and are creating safe procedures:

  1. As a technology company, we have spent the last 12+ months increasing our infrastructure capabilities to support our increasingly remote workforce, beta testing and investing into tools to support our growing team.

  2. We are able to meet and exceed CDC guidelines in providing a safe environment for the carefully selected essential resources we need onsite in order to keep critical food and agriculture projects moving forward.

  3. Our speed and creativity are prevalent throughout the new ways in which we have conducted remote brainstorming sessions, given virtual tours, and converted our home garages into high-caliber workshops

The Motivo team is forged through shared experiences and knowledge. It is a dynamic that would take years to recreate, hence our dedication to preserve the team. Our recruiting, onboarding and training regiments are extensive. This is not an investment we are willing to write off. On the contrary, we see this environment as an opportunity to double down and take targeted steps to strengthen our capabilities by identifying and recruiting new team members.

Client faith in our team is such that we are continuing to secure new projects in these trying times. We will work together as a team to remain healthy by staying home, moving projects forward, and supporting efforts to bring in new projects. While we weather this storm, we need to make certain that any impacts will be handled as a team and in the spirit of shared sacrifice.

This team is our number one priority – we will work together to make it through this.

Thank you for your continued faith in the Motivo team.

Praveen Penmetsa

CEO, Motivo

17700 S Figueroa St Gardena, CA 90248


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