Who Killed the Driving Enthusiast?

As large automotive companies and smaller automotive start-ups are moving towards electrification and autonomous controls, many driving enthusiasts beg the question, “what will happen to motorsports?” This is an interesting time for the future of racing, whether it is on the large scale platforms of Formula 1, NASCAR, INDY, and the Le Mans Series, the club level of SCCA and NASA, or just the weekend autocross driver. This future does not have to lead to the end of motorsports, but it may mean a change from “tradition", seeing even more modern technology integrated into the casual driving experience. While I don’t think we are going to get back to the old adage of “win on Sunday, sell on Mond

Latest Motivo Patent Advancing Global AgTech

U.S. Patent Awarded for Mobile Power Conversion and Distribution System Motivo Engineering announced their latest patent, US 10,046,641 B2, for a vehicle in the form of a tractor that features a Mobile Power Conversion and Distribution System. The system is showcased on their prototype tractor titled HARVEST, a Motivo concept that was developed and deployed for testing through a Powering Agriculture Grant from USAID. “In order to meet the increasing global food demands in a sustainable manner, new tools and approaches are needed to support the farming community. Compared to traditional tractors and generators, HARVEST has shown success in providing significant cost benefits while increasin

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